Shree Rangam Engineering is a Spcialist in design and development of ceramic machines since years.

With COVID-19 becoming a major disease to be prevented and controlled, our team has designed a fully functional Full Body sanitization Machine.

You can view the demo of this mahcine on youtube on link :

The Humidifier converts the disinfection into the moist and release it inside the tunnel, by reducing the chances of cross-contamination as significant amount of pathogens will be made ineffective surface once you pass from the tunnel.

Technical Specification

:: Structure: Made from 1 inch square M.S Pipe
:: Dimensions: 7 ft (H) x 5 ft (L) x 4 ft (W) or (as required)
:: Tank Capacity: As required
:: Cycle time: Adjustable 0-10 sec
:: Spray port : 06-10 nozzles
:: Max Power: 100W
:: Usage: 300 person can use per refill of solution(09 ltr).
:: Solution usage: 30ml (cycle adjust at 5 sec).

Features of the product

:: Fully automatic
:: Easy to lift, shift and control
:: Easy to Re-fill
:: Plug and play system

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Shree Rangam Engineering is a Ceramic Machine Manufacturing Unit located in India. Its base is in Kadi, Gujarat. With Major Ceramic Sectors in Morbi, Thangadh and North Gujarat, it has offices in Morbi to sell Ceramic Machines and HQ is a Kadi.

The company has a specialty in manufacture of Glaze tiles Screen Printing Machine. As we know the Prints on the glaze tiles add to the beauty of the products, the Best Glaze tiles Printing Machines become a major unit of production for tiles manufacturers.

We export Glaze tiles printing Machines to many other countries from India. China too has many exporters, but we pride ourselves to be the Biggest supplier of Tile printing Machines to Morbi and other ceramic Clusters of the world.

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Product 1
Product 1

New automatic silk screen decorators with conveyor for silk screen printing of all kinds of ceramic tiles with formats ranging from 4 in. x 8 in. and 16 in. x 18 in.Robust sectional steel structure with leveling legs, designed for installation on all kinds of glazing machines and for repid adaptation to the direction of feed, using the same components.Chains grip the firmly but gently and convey it to the printing position above the work surfance.


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